Galatians 6:2

While eating an apple the other day, my mouth was watering on how beautiful it looked. I couldn’t wait to dig in; but once I did I realized the inside had gone bad and soft and I thought “this is the worst apple I have ever eaten in my life”. Sometimes in life, like an apple, other people’s lives might look good on the outside but the inside is a different story. People we see at church, friends or family may seem like they have it all together but the truth is they don’t!  We really don’t know what they have going on the inside and that is where it gets tricky! Let us be more genuine in our concern for others. We all have issues going on in our lives but we as followers of Christ need to be deeply concerned about others and willing to help, listen or just be there for them. We all want to put up walls so others can’t see through, but if we just listen we can hear their cries. There is a big world out there of people that need you. Just listen and you will hear them. God Loves Ya;)