Genesis 3:1-13
How many times has something or someone tempted you? You knew deep down that it was wrong but you did it anyhow.  What we read in today’s scripture isn’t too far off from how the devil tempts us now. God’s compass (our gut instinct) is telling us don’t do it, stay away from it, don’t go in there. How easily we are fooled. What, perhaps, was Eves first thought when she was tempted by the snake? “She saw that the tree was beautiful and its fruit looked delicious, and she wanted the wisdom it would give her” (v.6). The instant gratification! The beauty of the fruit and the wonder of how good it would taste took over her thought process. The instant gratification is so deep within us that we don’t think about the consequences of what we are doing. We see it all over TV, radio, and of course those commercials; it is everywhere. We need NOT to do what Eve did and go for that instant gratification. We need to wait, pray and then act. Think about if Eve would have done that on that day; we would have never fallen from the perfect life we had walking alongside our creator.  Wait, pray and then act. It’s tough but well worth it. God loves Ya;)

instant grat