Psalm 16:11

Have you lost the Christmas spirit? Now that Christmas has long passed by and we are now seeing signs of spring, do you still feel the excitement and anticipation we felt at Christmas time? We all fall back into our ‘normal’ busy routines – the daily grind of work, family and life itself. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to always feel like when we were kids and we knew Christmas was coming? Oh the excitement of what we were getting and hanging out with family and friends. You could feel the joy and gladness people had in their hearts. We can all have that excitement and joyful feeling living a life in Jesus. His gifts are timeless and precious. He offers hope, forgiveness, grace and salvation, Hallelujah!!! Make every day Christmas in our hearts and minds. Let us always feel joy in the Lord; loving, giving and serving each other as Jesus did. Merry Christmas everyone! Have a blessed day 🙂 Lori