Ephesians 4:32 NLT

Author Anthony Douglas Williams once said; “Kindness is not an act. It is a life style.” This is totally true, but for something to become a life style, one has to practice over and over again. We shouldn’t have to plan kindness. One way to practice showing kindness to other people is to do it in spontaneous ways. There are always opportunities whether big or small to help others. From simply saying good morning, please and thank you, to opening a door, helping carrying a bag or just saying have a good day. We are constantly reminded in scripture to show kindness and in fact, kindness is one way we show fruit of the spirit. Kindness is humbly giving of ourselves in love and mercy to others who may not be able to give anything back, who sometimes don’t deserve it, and who frequently don’t thank us for it. Basically, kindness means a way of thinking that leads to doing thoughtful deeds for others. Why does God want us to demonstrate kindness? We are tools to extend God’s loving kindness and mercy to the world. We are to reflect the light and be examples of His compassion, mercy and kindness. We are to become like Him and there isn’t any one more kind then our God.  God Loves Ya 😉

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