Psalm 18:6

Have you ever gotten one of “those” phone calls in the middle of the night and where you know right away its bad news before you even pick up the phone? I received one of those calls recently. It was a very special friend who had just gotten the news her 40 yr. old daughter was diagnosed with breast cancer. No, not the “C” word I thought. I knew I had to keep it together for her sake. She was calling me for comfort and I wanted to say exactly what she wanted to hear. I said,” It’s going to be ok. We will pray right now”. I only knew to cry out to God that very minute. I had no words for her. I couldn’t give her the peace of mind she needed; only God can provide our needs. After praying together over the phone, she seemed to calm down. We talked for a little while longer then it was time to hang up; I reminded her that we have a God that loves us and who will bring us through in victory. According to her daughter’s last doctor report, she will have to undergo radiation but the cancerous lumps were removed and no more were found! Praise God! He is good. Have a blessed day! 🙂 Lori