Genesis 21:6 (NIV)
Do you know someone that has a laugh that is contagious? I love that! There is a lot of research out there that states that laughter is healthy for you in many ways. It relieves stress, increases blood flow, affects immune response, lowers blood sugar level and aids in relaxation, sleep and much more. Laughter is produced by many emotions – some being joy, happiness, contentment and so on. We all need to laugh more. We take ourselves way too seriously and take our own joy away from ourselves. We are a fallen people that make mistakes every day, but praise be to God He already knows what mistakes we are going to make and loves us anyhow. So why not laugh and say “Father, forgive me for being a goof. I will try not to do that again” and move on with life. Add laughter in your life – God wants you too. God Loves You 😉

devo 8-6