1 John 3:5

In our everyday lives, we can fall into the theory that we can put God into a “box”. In our workplace, at school, etc it is socially acceptable to believe in God but it is often taboo to talk about. Many people feel that God should only be talked about on Sundays or when someone has passed away. God can use the circumstances in our life to open doors and introduce his name; even in the worst of circumstances. If you’re at peace with a serious medical diagnosis or are exploding with joy because of an opportunity God has presented to you, share why!!! When we have that deep faith in Christ, we are comforted during the good and bad knowing that he has our best interest at heart and will take care of us. People will see this and become curious. Do not be ashamed to tell them the true reason behind your joy or peace. You just might lead someone to a new life in Christ!! God is good 😉