Matthew 11:28
While leaving for a family vacation, I asked my husband to put my bags up front next to me. He asked, “How many bags do you need?” After all, I had bags filled with: work related items, books, electronic devices, a purse and a cooler of food and water. I didn’t want to let any of it go. I wanted to have control and be able to reach for them with ease while traveling. Realizing that my foot space would be a little uncomfortable didn’t matter; I wanted ALL of my bags. The truth is if I would have taken the time to search each bag, prioritized and cleaned each one out, I could’ve consolidated. Feeling the pressure to hurry up and pack, I didn’t take the time to clean out nor did I have a desire to do so. How often do we hold onto our emotional baggage packed with regrets, failures or hurt? We don’t know where to store our baggage, how to look inside or just let it go. Therefore, we are left holding onto it and sooner or later, the heavy burdens affect our daily lives. Hear the good news; we don’t need to carry the baggage that weighs us down. Jesus promises that He will give rest to the heavy burden or weight we carry in this world. “My yoke is easy and my burden is light.” (Matthew 11:28) To experience freedom in Christ, give your bags to Him, and leave it ALL behind.– Melissa Lundy

devo 8-22