Food for thought today! What do you want your loved ones and others to remember about you after we leave this Earth? I for one don’t want it said, “Oh, that mean old neighbor lady died” or, “Oh, she was so gossipy and full of drama”. We all have a legacy to leave to our family, loved ones and everyone we have met in our lifetime. God has given us many gifts to live by and to share with others; we are meant as children of God to share His love and to bring others to Christ by being an example of Godly living. Are You doing this? Are we living everyday as disciples and followers of Jesus Christ so that we can leave our mark on this world and more importantly, our children and loved ones? Let’s all take some time today and really think about what we are known for. What impact have we had on others and their walk with Christ? Are we doing the very best we can to live for Christ? Have a blessed day and share this food for thought today!