Mark 10:17-31

How many times do we feel God wants us to move and do something, but it just seems like it is taking forever? Like the rich man in today’s scripture and how my pastor at church worded it, “we have to let go before God says let’s go”. All he had to do was give up his riches and follow Christ…that was tough for him and he walked away. Are we much different? Can we honestly say we will drop all the things that seem important to us and follow what god wants us to do? It isn’t just material things that we have to let go of; how about anger, jealousy and the big one…being unforgiving. These are all things that keep us from truly being free to follow and keeps our knuckles dragging on the ground, slowing us down. We must learn to let go of the temporary stuff and focus on the eternal things. I’m not making light of all the things that keep us or slow us down from following Christ. These are big issues we need to work out and deal with; we need to talk with God and let Him help us to get back on track to what is waiting for us.  God Loves Ya 😉