2 Corinthians 1:3-7
It is advised that the rescue approach of using a buoyant object be used when trying to save someone from drowning.  Reports have shown that many people drown trying to save another person from drowning.  Survival mode kicks in and the drowning person will grab a hold of anything to stay alive including someone trying to help them.  Do you ever have that feeling when you are trying to help someone get out of or through a tough situation in their lives? You may feel like you are being pulled down with them. The difference is when we as Christians walk with people and get into the muck with them, we have a life preserver on that will not let us go down but will always keep us afloat through anything. Christ is our savior and He is there to not only help us with our struggles, but to stabilize us when we are helping others. When we read the gospels and we see that Jesus sends people to do something, he never sends them alone. Christ never lets us jump into the water by ourselves; He always has His loving arms wrapped around us to keep us afloat. God loves Ya;)