“Let your light shine before men.” (Matt 5:16) The job of a lighthouse is to reveal the coastline during the day by its presence and by its light during fog and from dusk to dawn. It’s most important task is during the storm when ships can easily be tossed and turned and lose their bearing. A lighthouse offers those ships a sense of bearing, an offer of hope and safety. However, if the power is off or if the glass is dirty, the light does not shine as far or bright. God calls us to be a light before men but we have to be plugged into the “right” source and powered “on”. We need to stay in God’s word so our lives can shine far and bright. Others should see we are set apart from the world and shine His love, hope, and safety; this will guide others towards Him. “Lord help us to be the light you desire us to be. Amen.” – Melanie