Galatians 5:13

My granddaughter recently celebrated her 11th birthday and all she asked for was a hamster with all the accessories. Of course we all thought this was rather hilarious because out of everything she could have she asked for, she asked for a hamster. So, my daughter went to our local pet shop and picked out the most fabulous hamster in the cage. This little princess ended up with a beautiful cage, a big spacious ball she can roam around in and my personal favorite, a mile long habitat with different trails and passages she can explore (of course with no escape). After a few days of watching this seemingly spoiled little hamster, I realized just how similar our lives can be. We may have a beautiful “habitat”, all the opportunities to roam around wherever we please and all the different paths we could take; but without Jesus in our lives we have no way out! Just like a hamster racing around that habitat with no real place to go, running on this wheel not going anywhere. We may think we have it all together but eventually, we are stifled, worn out and hopeless realizing we are stuck. Don’t be a hamster! Break out of your habitat and live free with Jesus Christ! Have a blessed day! 🙂