I have a friend in my second grade class. She has black skin and wears a hijab on her head. She is nice and we joke around a lot. I know her extra good, because she rides my bus. She acts like a lot of other kids in my class, but I know something is different and it’s bothering me. She is not a Christian. Sometimes I talk to her about God. I asked her if she believes in God. She said she believes in a different God named Allah. She is different from me, but I just try to treat her like everyone else so she doesn’t feel bad. How can you and I share Jesus with others when they don’t believe what you do? If someone is not a Christian, we can pray for them. Someday they may believe. We also can do our best to live the way Jesus asks us to live by treating them like everyone else. The Bible tells us in Titus 2:7 “Set an example of good works yourself, with integrity and dignity in your teaching.” There are lots of ways to do that. I want to keep encouraging my friend by living like Jesus and treating her the way I think Jesus would treat her. God loves ya!;)
Nathan Lundy 7 years old, second grade

devo 2-7