John 14:27-29


We can all relate to losing someone very near and dear to us. Recently, I had a dear friend lose his mom after a short illness. Although my words of comfort could not give him the peace I know he was longing for, I reminded him that his mom was in the arms of Jesus with a new body, new spirit and her pain and struggles are gone because she was a child of God. We read in this scripture what Jesus was telling His disciples before He left them. The reassurance He gives His followers, the peace He promises to them and that they will meet again is so comforting to us today. We will meet our loved ones again and Jesus will always be with us through every loss, heartache and painful experience. We praise You Father for protecting us with all Your power. So, my friend, dry your eyes and know your momma is at perfect peace and brand new 🙂 Have a blessed day! 🙂