If you’ve ever lost your keys, you know one thing – it can be frustrating! A few weeks ago, I lost some very important keys to me like my truck key and oh, the key to the business I work at! Not a good thing. You can’t open the door to your house, you can’t start your car etc. You’re locked out and have no access to what belongs to you. Sometimes we can feel that way in our spiritual life. We know Gods promises belong to us. We know abundance, peace and joy are rightfully ours, but we can’t seem to find the keys. We think, maybe if I pray harder and longer, confess more, start going to church more I will receive God’s promises…let me stop you there. If you obey God’s word, are faithful to his commands and believe that what He says is true, you will see His promises come to life. It’s not rocket science my friends. God does not flip flop, waver or change His mind. God knows what He has in store for you. Your part in all of this is pray, obey and believe. God has so much in store for you; just stop trying to control everything and let Him lead. He has the keys to everything you need. God Loves Ya 😉