1 John 4:7-12
Let us remember that Christmas is about love, but even when we remember what it is about, do we COMPREHEND that fact? Today’s scripture shares something incredibly important. It tells us what God IS. We don’t have to guess, we don’t have to wonder, we are told straight up… if you want to know what God is about, what God consists of then, hear this: God is LOVE. Notice that we are told that God is love, not that love is God. This is an important distinction because we realize that it is God who defines love, not love that defines God. We need to be reminded that only a God like this could love a people like us!  The term “love” gets thrown around so much that its true meaning gets watered down. We say we love pizza, or the Steelers, or traveling… and we lump that in with God’s notion of love. We are reminded at the arrival of Jesus at Christmas, that what the world needs is not more STUFF, but more LOVE; through us!  When we love others, God lives in us, thus we literally show God to the world. We put God right in front of them and allow them to touch God. Let us be the sign to others that love came down at Christmas. God Loves Ya;)

Puzzle and word love