In this cruel and broken world, it is very refreshing when we hear stories of good Samaritans coming to the rescue of others by stepping in on potential evil doers and stopping them in their tracks or defending an elderly person or child from being abused or mistreated. But, what can we as Christians do on a daily, regular basis to keep goodness and kindness alive and well for the glory of God? Any act of kindness brings pleasure to God. When we help someone in need or reach out to a neighbor that maybe can’t do their yard chores like they used to; there are all kinds of simple, loving acts we should automatically be doing for others without batting an eye. Something as simple as an encouraging word to someone in the checkout line or putting an arm on a hurting person’s shoulder. That’s what loving one another is all about. Encouragement, kindness and sharing the Godly light that we all have beaming from us since we are children of the Almighty God! Love on someone today. You could be the only good in their life right now! Have a blessed day folks!