Haggai 2:5

When walking in the basement of our home, I am constantly telling myself “There’s nothing to be afraid of.” This often doesn’t work; I still end up jumping out of my skin when I see a spider, walk through a cobweb or see something skittering across the floor. This may seem silly, but how many of us do this when we are afraid of something? Or we try to control or manipulate the situation and worry through every possible scenario? Usually when we try and take things into our own hands, the situation gets worse and the fear and anxiety we feel increase.  So, if these things don’t work, how can we conquer our fear? God reminds us in today’s scripture that we are not alone. He is always with us and is more powerful than any circumstance we may face. Let Him wrap you in his loving embrace and wipe out the fear, pain and anxiety. So do not fear brothers and sisters – God is near! God loves ya 😉 -Ashley