Colossians 3:13

Make allowance for each others faults! What a powerful statement. So in other words “make room, because things will happen”. This means wives will make mistakes , husbands will fail, children will not always live up to expectations, etc. Forgiveness covers a huge spectrum that encompasses many people in many situations. One of the key things to always keep in mind is that not forgiving others isn’t hurting them, it’s hurting you! They might feel offended that you stopped talking to them, started avoiding them, hanging with them or out right cut them from your life. However, the real one that is hurting is you and no matter what you do to them, they will never hurt as much as you are. Forgiveness isn’t easy but necessary; for your sanity, health and well being. Physically and spiritually you need to forgive so you can pursue what God truly wants you to be. Don’t let an unforgiving heart stifle your God given right to love. God Loves Ya 😉 Attached is a video I recorded a few years back about the un- forgiveness I was going through, I hope it touches your heart.