Ezekiel 37:1-14
After reading today’s scripture I thought, “oh what a sight that must have been in Ezekiel’s vision”. All those dry bones put back together and made whole. If we stop at verse 8, the narrative says, “they were totally formed but didn’t have breath”. I guess you could say they were like mannequins; they needed the breath of life in them to be alive. Once that happened, Ezekiel said it was a vast army for God. How many of us are mannequins just going through our day with no real breath of life in us? No zeal for the Lord and just plugging through this earthly life. Sometimes we just get stale and become luke warm followers of Christ with no God life-giving breath in us. Let us have an awakening in this country to turn and follow the one and only God that made us and can make us anew. Father I pray for a fresh revival of our hearts towards you so we can start treating each other how you want us to. Amen. God loves ya 😉