John 8:44

When you hear the word “devil” what do you picture, an ugly creature with a red cape and horns? Don’t be deceived my friends, the devil can come in many different forms. Remember he was once an angel. He will fill us full of lies, get into our heads and give us false hope, try to tell us we are not worthy of God’s love and keep yammering at us that just one little sin is not going to hurt and who will know? Nobody will find out. Always keep your eye out, be mindful and focused on our Lord, the devil has no power over us, when we are a child of the one true God. BEGONE Satan! Don’t look for the red cape and horns; he could be driving a blue 2 door sedan! Flirting with you in the grocery store or just a coworker that thinks you look so cute today. Have a blessed day! 🙂