Matthew 6:19-21

While watching our 15 month old son interact with other children, a strange thing came to my mind. Observing him take another child’s toy and hearing the other child cry out reminded me of what Jesus taught us and how He wants us to respond. We are not supposed to get angry or lash out, but to give and go the extra mile (Matthew 5:38-42). Way to many times we hang on to earthly, material things that really make no impact in the kingdom. Material things will fade away. Like the saying goes, you don’t see a Uhaul connected to the back of a hearse. We will leave this earth the same way we came, naked with no material things what so ever. In the scripture today, Jesus is trying to get us to realize that things here mean nothing but our treasures are in heaven with Him. Let us give freely to others. Our main concern isn’t of worldly things, but of heavenly things. We should rejoice because our reward is great in Heaven. God Loves Ya 🙂

Ya. 😉