Jeremiah 29:11

When’s the last time you took a trip down memory lane? I had the opportunity recently to do just that. I went back to my family roots where my Dad grew up and where I spent most of my weekends as a kid. Oh, the memories of my childhood flooded my mind! From the long walks we took down the dirt roads to chasing bats with brooms. It all seems so long ago – my cousins and I playing tag and hide and seek, helping our Gram with chores, and so on. The lesson I learned the day of reminiscing? It doesn’t matter how old we get, we all start out somewhere not knowing where life is going to take us or what path we will take; but God does. He already knows what His plan is for us. He has already chosen where, when and how He wants us to go. I’m choosing to let Him be my compass in life and looking forward to the journey He is taking me on! Embrace and enjoy your adventure with God by your side everyday! Have a blessed day! 🙂