Psalm 121:8

How many of us remember the merry-go-round? I remember it as being one of the most thrilling playground rides ever. When that recess bell rang, best friends and classmates would get into fights to be on it. Isn’t it amazing how you can compare that merry-go-round to life now as an adult? People racing to get the best spot on the ride of life, maybe fighting for a position, not worrying about how many people you’ve knocked down that got in your way or how many feelings you’ve hurt when you wouldn’t let others ride with you. This doesn’t include how fast life can go; faster and faster that you can hardly hold your head up. Doesn’t seem so thrilling and exciting when you look at it that way. What lessons did I learn in my reminiscing? When we have God in our lives, He will make sure we stay kind to others; letting them go first and when it gets going too fast, He will be the one that sticks His foot out to slow us down. He will keep us grounded, calm and focused! When your “merry-go-round” feels out of control and you can’t hold your head up, God is right there to catch you. Have a blessed day! đŸ™‚