John 3:34-36
When we invite others to come to church or to join a small group or to help on a mission trip, two things occur; one, we as the “inviter” are actually being “sent” to grow the kingdom of God; second, at the same time, we are inviting others to start and get involved in the same process of spiritual growth we are currently going through. It may seem complicated but it really is simple. We are invited into a relationship with Christ, then we are taught to grow in spiritual maturity, then we are sent to be the hands and feet of Christ. Not saying we aren’t the hands and feet through the whole process because we are; but many times we never get to the last step in this process and which is we are sent to make disciples for Christ. “I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest.” (John 3:35) Everyone has the opportunity to have a relationship with Christ; as believers we are sent and commanded to make disciples for Christ. We never know who or how God wants to use that person; but we as followers of Christ are sent to reach as many of the lost as we can so they can open their eyes to what God has in store for them. God Loves Ya;)