Isaiah 41:10,13

In the song “You are Able” by  Travis Ryan, the first verse states “There’s a peace. There’s a rest. I have surely known. In defeat, in distress, an anchor for my soul.” Then the chorus goes on to say “You are able more than able, to lift my weary soul. You are able more than able. You never let me go.” These words are so powerful. No matter what we are going through in life, the ups, the downs, God is always by our side to provide peace, rest and comfort. Even though there may be times when we do not necessarily feel His presence, He is still there by our side. He’s there through every thought of regret, every feeling of worthlessness, every loss of hope…everything and anything. He died on the cross for you and seeks relationship with you. Despite our own feelings and doubts, God thought we were worth saving. So remember, even if you feel that He has left you or even if you are angry with Him – He is there! He is able and He will never let you go. God is good 😉