Every time Apple announces they are releasing the next version of the iPhone, you see people waiting in lines for hours and sometimes days. People are so excited for the next big thing. I wonder why people weren’t sitting at the tomb just waiting for the rock to move when Jesus had told many people that He would be resurrected? At least the disciples should have been there with their camping gear waiting for the risen Christ but there was no one there. Today, we should be waiting in anticipation from Good Friday until resurrection Sunday for the next big thing. This big thing won’t need to be replaced in a year or too. This next big thing will last for eternity. This next big thing happened over 2000 years ago and changed lives and still does today. Christ freed us on Easter and changed the world. So, if you aren’t a follower of the risen Lord and are not sure what this big new thing is about, you can ask your pastor, Christian friend or email us here. We can help you experience the next big thing that will last forever. God Loves Ya 😉