Paul, in Romans 12:21, commands us to “not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good”. If you and I are followers of Jesus, we are commanded to act in the ways of Jesus. Let us never forget that we are disciples of one who died for his enemies. He is asking us to not simply
“react” in a better way toward people that treat us poorly. Honestly, there is no “reaction” to evil, there should only be “new actions” that are unassociated with the first action. When we overcome evil with good we are creating a contrast between the ways of Jesus and the ways of
the world. What we must also remember in our pursuit of blessing those who persecute us is that these Christlike behaviors and actions have life giving consequences, not just in Heaven and eternity, but also here and now in both our lives and the life of the offender. Friends, this week take God at His word and trust that He is fighting your battles for you and there is no need to retaliate against those who do you wrong. Make a decision to take the next right step necessary in living at peace with those around you. Overcoming evil with good is not just a nice motto or bumper sticker, but it is the way of Jesus. Stay Close to Jesus. – Pastor Bryce