We all have secrets, am I right? Of course, we do. Secrets that we will take to the grave before telling a soul. Why do we hold such deep, dark secrets? Mainly because it may hurt someone we love, or we feel so ashamed and embarrassed of what we’ve done or said. Whatever the secret holds, God knows it! Yes folks. God knows all, but you know what else? He still loves us, still wants a relationship with us, still forgives us and still accepts us as His children. As a parent, we ourselves would never hold a grudge or dismiss our children for something they have done; that’s not who we are. So, rejoice folks and be ever so thankful for the grace and forgiveness that God, our Father gives us in all we do.┬áP.S. This is not a free pass to live dangerously and do whatever we want; it means we have a God that loves us so much. He forgives and loves us just as we are! Amen! Have a blessed day!