Recently, I was able to spend a couple days visiting my mom. I realized this was the first time we had spent quality time together, just the two of us, in a very long time. Sometimes I take for granted that she will always be there for me when I need her because she always has been. Reality tells me that isn’t true though. Life is so busy these days that sometimes we don’t talk to or see the people who are important to us very often. Don’t regret not saying “I love you” or “thank you” to those who mean the most to you. We always think we can do it tomorrow but tomorrow may never come!! Your time is the greatest gift you can give to someone. Take a moment today and let a special person in your life know how you feel about them. Treasure the joy it will bring both of you. God loves ya! 😉  Karen Chappell

devo 10-22-14