James 4:3

When you study even a little of Native American Indian history and traditions, you learn one common theme; they never wasted anything. For instance, when they took a buffalo down, every part of that animal was used for something and nothing went to waste. In today’s scripture, after Jesus fed the 5000, he told his disciples to pick up all the leftovers so that none goes to waste. Our God is a God of abundance and doesn’t want us to waste his blessings. We must take care of these gifts and share them with others. Not only the big blessings but the little ones that are common every day. We must use them wisely. God usually blesses us with more than we need. Remember when God blesses us, we are to also be a blessing to others; this is another way to be the hands and feet of Christ. Don’t waste the blessings. God Loves Ya 😉