Matthew 11:28

Oh my dear child, why do you get yourself so worn out and worrisome? Have I not told you repeatedly, you are not meant to handle this life and all of its troubles alone? I did not create you to carry all the burdens of this world on your shoulders. Hear me my beloved, I, your loving God, will take away all your concerns, your unanswered questions and give you My peace in your heart and calm your over thinking mind. All you have to do is give them to Me. Tell Me what is on your mind child; reveal to Me what your troubles are. My shoulders are stronger than yours fears. Yes, it’s true. I do allow you to go through trials and rough seasons; but, they are the life lessons I want you to learn. Strengthen your faith and trust in Me and I, your God, will get you through the storms and you will be better than before. You will stand firmer in My word, you will prevail and in turn, you will have a victory story to share to others. Please My child, rely and lean on Me. Let go of the “stuff” that is keeping you awake at night. I am right here my love. Come to Me. Love, God