Ugh! Flu season. Even though I got my flu shot, I still ended up getting a dose of the stomach bug. Everyone around me only had the 24-hour kind so in my mind, after being sick throughout the night, I was going to be over it and good as new by midafternoon. Well, that didn’t happen; this bug lasted a good 3 days. I hate being sick, out of commission and feeling inhuman for days while the rest of the world goes about their business. Putting this in a different perspective, we may think we are prepared (a flu shot) for whatever may come our way; but we can never be fully immune to the things of this world. We may have the mindset that they will end briefly, but when they don’t and they last a lot longer than we expected, we get all out of sorts feeling like we are the only ones struggling and down for the count. Well rest assure my friends, we are never alone in any of our struggles and trials. They may last a little longer than we expected, but in the end, we will be stronger, healthier and thanking God for teaching us what He wanted us to learn. Have a blessed day!