Our new sermon series at church is called “Pressure Points”. Wow! Very powerful lessons because who doesn’t have daily pressures? Young working moms trying to juggle every aspect of life and thinking everything HAS to be perfect because what would people think? Oh I did that for many years. I called it the “supermom” syndrome but without the cape! Life is full of pressures: jobs, family life, health issues, the list goes on and on; but in Jesus, we are protected by the promises of God Himself. Yes folks. He will not give us more than we can handle. Sometimes it may feel like we will explode at any moment; but, rest assured, we will not be crushed. We may all feel the squeeze, but we will always prevail and come out victoriously in Jesus Christ! So I say, bring it on. We got this because God is our Almighty “Saver”. Amen! Have a blessed day!