I used to despise seasons in my life because usually a seasonal change in my life didn’t start out pretty. Depression, anxiety, unbelief, non-trusting of God, plus many more feelings and emotions would take control of my life. It would take some time, and I must say wasted time, to get a grip and realize God has control and wants me right where I am. We need seasonal changes in our lives. See folks, when we start to get comfortable in our lives, we start to slack. We start letting our comfort overcome our zest and desire for God. We even start to think, “I have done what God wants me to do, so I can just chill now.” When the exact opposite is true. When is God done with you? Maybe when you meet Him face to face and He says, ‘Well done, good and faithful friend.” (Matthew 25:21) Always remember my friends…God’s still doing. He’s not done. God Loves Ya 😉