Isaiah 49:23

“To trust god in the light is nothing, But trust him in the dark – that is faith” – C.H.Spurgeon. That truly is faith!! How many times in good times do we say, “all is good no worries, I trust in God”; but in the next breath behind the sight of others we are saying to God “why?” It’s easy to trust God when we aren’t dealing with anything negative, but when the chips are down we start to scream, “Oh God, where are you?” Spurgeon is saying it’s easy to walk through an obstacle course during the day, but try it at night! We have to have the pure faith that is not bias to the current situation whether good or bad, and is so strong that it cannot be shaken, no matter what. This is harder than you think. So pray, “God please help me to trust you no matter what and forgive me when I don’t.” God loves ya 🙂