This is bitter sweet news…after 9 years of delivering Simply God 101 text messaging to over 5,500 people in every state of the union, we are going to have to say good bye to text messaging. Due to the enormous increase in cost from our carrier, we cannot afford to continue with text messaging. We have had one person fund us since the beginning and it isn’t fair to ask him to continue on. However, when one door gets closed another one opens and our God is one of opportunities. You can still receive our devotions 3 days a week on our Facebook page or via email. Also coming in 2021, we will be publishing our first yearly devotional and calendars. Please follows us on Facebook and our webpage for details and news. Thank you to God and thank you to all of you that signed up and spread the word about Simply God 101. Our website will continue to operate; you can check that out for new and past devotions and leave us messages. Our team is very saddened by this news, but we have a God that we can trust to bring bigger and better things to spread His word. Thank you again. God