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Now What

All throughout life, we all will witness the feeling of, “the rug being pulled out from underneath us”. The sudden yank of a loss, a split-second life change that leaves us confused, shocked and questioning where to turn next. I recently was involved in a car accident that has left me with a shoulder injury and unable to work. I went from working 52 hours a week to not working at all. Limited activity and being unable to do my regular routine has given me a sense of “Now what?” As I sit here worrying about my bills piling up and trying to be patient with the insurance companies, all I can do is rely on God. I must trust that He has a plan. We are not to fear the unknown because He is in control. Easier said than done? Absolutely; but, as a Child of God, I know He will pave the way and I will prevail. It may take a while, but in Him we are victorious! Have a blessed day! 🙂

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