Proverbs 15:32-32 NLT

Not many of us like to be told that we are doing something wrong or to be told how we could do something better. I know I always try to say that I appreciate constructive criticism but that doesn’t mean it stings any less sometimes. In our walks with Christ, we must be disciplined and ever open to the constructive criticism that our fellow brothers and sisters give us. They are our accountability partners, helping to keep us in line and to avoid straying from the path. It can be hard because sometimes temptation can be so strong. We may even try to rationalize the temptation. But when we accept Jesus Christ into our lives, we must make the effort to be disciplined and accept some big changes. We may have to let certain things go that we once considered comforting or fun. We may even have to let go of some relationships that are not geared towards Christ. Go and honor Christ by being obedient and giving Him all of the glory and praise He so wonderfully deserves! God is good đŸ˜‰