My little boy loves the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show and when they yell “oh toodles”, he gets a big smile on his face. This magic machine pops up and offers them tools to help on their adventure. Oh how we would like that if we had a genie in a lamp. Oh life would be so great to get whatever we want. However, we don’t have that nor should we want it. We have a loving God that knows just what we need and when we need it. The key word there is “need” and not “want” because not every thing we want is what we should have. God knows best. Many times what we do need is right in front of our face and we just don’t see it. We need to slow down, get quiet with God and see. We don’t need a toodles; we have all we need in a loving, all knowing God. Do you know our God? If not, come to our website today and we will help you start that relationship with Him. God Loves Ya 😉