For the last couple years, I have had a Butterscotch colored cat visiting me on a very regular basis. He comes around most days, leisurely lying on the lawn chair or sunning himself in the driveway; seemingly pretty at home and comfortable. All the kids have named him differently, but I have called him “stray catโ€. Well, during the past month, I got a kitten of my own. I remember when stray cat and “Mo” first met. Mo, of course, wanted to play and make friends; but stray cat was having no part of it. Sadly to say, he doesn’t come around much anymore. The other day, I saw him walking up the side of the road, not even looking over here or walking in the grass. It made me sad, but then it got me thinking – that is how God feels when we try to replace him and start to love and adore other things or someone else. He feels rejected, possibly unloved, and unwanted. We must always remember that God is our one and only King. HE is above all the Lord of heaven. Forgive us Father when we have put other things and people ahead of you. Amen. Have a blessed day ๐Ÿ™‚ – Lori Moore

Love and the cross meet to change History