Galatians 3:26

Hillbilly, redneck, city slicker, bible thumper, pagan, Jew, Christian, Caucasian, African American, screw up, over achiever…the list of labels goes on and on. Some are nice like father, mother, sister, brother, friend, mentor. Some others are not so nice. I have been labeled many times; bad and good, deserved and not deserved. We all have labels or have been labeled many times and in many ways; often we let these labels guide our actions and thoughts. We become what others think or assume we are. This affects us in two ways; we either get prideful where we think we are something we are not, or, we become depressed and we lose all self-confidence of who we really are. Either way, we are influenced in the wrong way and travel down the wrong road of self-destruction. Don’t let any human define you by labels. You only have and need one label here on earth. This label applies to the believers of Jesus Christ and that God himself gives us:“I am a child of God”. He loves you so much that you are worthy to be called His child. He showed and proved that to us on Calvary. That is a label I am proud of. God Loves Ya;)

2-3 devo