Hebrews 8:7-12
I think just about everyone that drives has taken a wrong turn down a one way street at some point in their driving career. The rush of fear and dread comes over you and you wonder – did anyone see me, did a cop see me, am I going to get a ticket? Then we feel an intense need to get off this street as soon as possible. We start looking for ways to turn around or escape. As soon as you see a cross road, you immediately get back on track, feeling relieved and kind of stupid for the mistake that you just made. When we sin or make the wrong turn on a one way street in our lives, we go through the same emotions and feelings. The difference is we know that the cop (God) sees us, but instead of writing a ticket and making us feel stupid for what we just did, God guides us out to safety and forgets all about our wrong turn. What a gracious and merciful Lord we serve.  Let us do the same for someone we know has taken a wrong turn down a one way street. God loves Ya;)

one way