Ecclesiastes 3:1-22 ESV

Lord knows we all go through seasons in life and I have had my share. Some good and some not so good; but one thing has to always stay true and that is our faith in God! I have recently been laid off from my job, just one month after finding out my wife was pregnant. Unbelievable timing, but it is what it is. The old me would have freaked out and been miserable and depressed; but it was different in this season. I laid it all at the cross and my wife and I have trusted in God to provide and He has. It isn’t always easy to just trust but believe me God will not fail you. The saying goes, when one door closes another one opens, but sometimes it isn’t a door that opens but a window. God will never allow a child of His to fail. When a season comes upon you and it looks like there is no way out, just pray and talk with God and you will see the open window. God Loves Ya 😉