Read Romans 8:18-28
Good Monday beloved. Have you ever heard the saying, “When one door closes another one opens; if not there are always windows”? That was a saying that I have heard and there is truth in it. God never brings us to a place without having another place to go. God always supplies options and opportunities; the problem is our perspective. We are too often so focused on the closed door of opportunity, that we fail to see one in which God has opened for us. The key to recognizing the opportunities is in how we perceive our circumstances. Should I say ‘our thinking’? We need to recognize the open door of opportunity and that is the key to moving on. We need to stop seeing our situation from our human finite perception and look at it from our Father in heavens view. We are reminded in today’s scripture (Vs. 28) “we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him.” He always has what is best for us just waiting; all we have to do is go through the next door. God loves Ya;)


 work for your good