If you are a Christian and have been saved by Jesus’ blood that was shed on the cross, is that where everything stops? Is being saved enough or do we need a lord, a king to follow? I fear this is the mind set of many brothers and sisters. Christ didn’t die so we can just muddle on with our sinful selves. When someone sacrifices oneself for you, it should be in our moral character to be so grateful that we feel a homage to that person. We should feel like we have a debt we can’t repay. The good news is He doesn’t ask for repayment; all He asks for is your love and to follow Him and His ways. Being a Christian isn’t difficult but following and obeying seems to give us fits. Why? Because of our human nature to bulk against authority. We modern Americans especially don’t really know what it is like to follow a king. We have not had one in power over us; the truth is we always have and always will and He is Jesus Christ. He deserves our allegiance, our love, and our dedication. He sacrificed it all for us and not just for our time on earth, but for eternity. Hail Lord and King Jesus. We will follow you forever! Follow Him and you will never regret it. God Loves Ya 😉