Psalm 91:7-11  

Have you ever experienced a situation where if you would have been in a certain place at a certain time like you planned but something delayed you and thank God it did or you might have been in an accident or even worse, killed? Perhaps, if we dig deeper into this thought of God’s protection, how do we know if danger was right around the corner or a disease or sickness and it totally went around us, and we had no clue it even happened? We know it is a biblical fact that God does indeed keep things hidden from us and I believe for the most part it is to protect us. Look at it this way: Those of us that have little children running around the house when they are oblivious to the dangers they could get into, move stuff or redirect them or sometimes just tell them out right to stop running? Why? Because we love them and don’t want them getting hurt. Like your children are to you, we are precious in the eyes of the Lord and He wants to protect us. So, when we get delayed in traffic or forget something at the house and must go back, just shoot a prayer up to God and thank Him for your protection. After all He is our protector. God Loves Ya:)