Genesis 1;1-31

Have you ever thought of God as a “super hero”? Lets take a few minutes and think about it. Spider-man, Superman or the Hulk can not compare to our Mighty God. Those others are merely made up characters to entertain our children; they have gifts of strength, courage and goodness and are always helping those in need. They seem to swoop in and save the day just at the last minute when things could go so wrong. Hmm, sounds familiar. I’m thinking God may very well be our “super hero”. Just when we cannot go one more step from being weary, worn out or have just given up hope; God swoops in and saves us, giving us His ultimate strength and courage to get up, stand up, and face whatever we were so afraid of and to conquer the challenges we thought were out of reach. He may not wear a red cape or have to dress in a phone booth, but He is our almighty Savior; our hero and our deliverer! Father, we praise You for all Your powers! Have a blessed day! 🙂