Mark 28:18-20 My pastor reminded me over the weekend how important relationships are. Not just relationships with our immediate family, but others outside the loving hand of God. We can’t just keep ignoring people who don’t think like us, look like us or communicate like us. God calls us to love others and have relationships. Show the unbelievers […]

Not Too Busy

Ever feel like God is ignoring you? Like you pray and pray but you haven’t gotten any answers or even feel God has heard you? I’m sure this happens to many of us. It may feel like we have been forgotten or lost in the mix. He does have a lot going on with this […]

Get Rest

Mark 6:30,31 I am a big believer in naps. I love taking power naps in the afternoon. I feel more energized and focused come late afternoon and evening. In today’s crazy, fast-paced world, rest is hard to come by and many times seen as a weakness. Listen my friends, Jesus took many time-outs during his […]

Focus Forward

(Genesis 19:15 -26). Our thoughts are powerful and will eventually determine the future we will experience. Have you ever heard the saying, “Follow your heart”? Well, there is so much truth wrapped up in that saying even the Bible talks about our heart following our treasure (Luke 12:34). In today’s scripture, we see Lot’s wife […]


We have all had our hearts broken one way or another, more times than we want and sometimes deeper than the time before. Whether it be from a betrayal, failed marriage, loss of a loved one; whatever the circumstances, it no doubt hurts and feels like it will be broken forever. In Christ, knowing and […]

Happy Trails

Every problem that crosses our life path can either crush us or transform us – it truly depends only on the extent to which we lean into God and trust Him in those moments that determines the results for each of us. Remember – step by step – He promises to not leave you! He […]


Acts 16:25 -26 Suddenly money came from nowhere. Suddenly the illness went away. Suddenly you got a promotion. Suddenly the car started running better. Today’s scripture teaches us that we have a God that does things suddenly and many times, unexpectedly. We are told over 26 times in the Bible that God works suddenly. Don’t […]

Every Morning

I saw this sign in a window recently that read, “All I need is coffee and Jesus”. It’s a good message in a cute way to remind us all that we do need Jesus every morning before we start our day. The quiet time we spend alone with our mighty God is the most important […]

How They See You

Have you ever wondered how others see you? When you are at the grocery store, at the gym, at school for parent’s night or at church? Food for thought! Are you perceived differently than what or how you think you are? For instance, do you act differently around your friends or family and then put […]

By A Thread

Oh, how this title refers to me right now! We are currently going through financial issues at home and with this ministry. Having 3 cars that need repair, leaves me hanging by a thread. Living pay check to pay check, praying nothing else goes wrong is leaving me hanging by a thread! Having only one couple […]

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